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As many of you know, I am a lawyer, a therapist, a motivational speaker, an author and a teacher.  I also am a licensed real estate broker. Once a month or so I send out a newsletter for Getting Past Your Past that answers questions, gives tips and shares different sections of the How To Get Past Your Past program that I teach here in New York City.Well, I work on the newsletter a lot, answer a lot of email (mostly personal situations), work on the book and sometimes write articles and other things.  Oh yeah, and I'm a lawyer for a large international law firm, I help people buy and sell real estate in New York City, I have a large family and I occasionally sleep.

So because the newsletter and email correspondence can fall by the wayside or the newsletter never looks "ready" enough for me, I have created this blog so I can interact every day with students, readers and those who keep in touch.  Many times I get the same questions in email from different people so this will facilitate some of those answers.

I won't publish your name (of course!) but feel continue to feel free to write me in email and I will answer on the blog. 

I think this will alleviate the late publishing of the newsletter and my drive for perfection when I do publish it.  What I normally would put in the newsletter I am now going to put on the blog. 


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